I am entering my fourth semester as a full time DE student at ECU. I was apprehensive about taking all of my classes online and losing that face-face interaction with fellow classmates and my professors. However, to my surprise I have felt completely connected and involved with all of my professors and classmates. I have made new friends in my classes, and am able to reach out to my professors when I need help. In addition, my academic advisor has been supportive and helpful to me since my first day of registration. Overall, I am happy in choosing my education as a DE student at ECU. I am able to learn the material on a schedule that is convenient for me, and still chose a competitive major that interests me.

– Kristen Rallings

When I found out that ECU provide distance education in my professional field, making the choice to finish my degree became a tangible dream. As an adult with a family, going to school is something that gets put to the back burner due to fact of attending night classes, traveling to campuses, and demanding schedule. ECU’s DE program was a great fit for me and my busy schedule. DE offers great flexibility and allows you to manage your time the way want. Granted the curriculum is the same as face to face, so you have to put in the hours to complete assignments, listen to lectures, and taking the required exams. ECU DE provides the flexibility you need to complete the assignments on time. The technology such as blackboard, mediasite, and saba meeting are great user friendly tools that facilitate in the learning at ECU. I would recommend ECU DE to adult learners. It is a great opportunity, and the degrees being offered continue to expand.

– Shay Nuckols

After having not worked for over 10 years as a nurse, I decided it was time to go back to school. My kids were all in school and I wanted to go back to school and get my BSN degree that I had wanted to get 20 years before. I applied and was accepted to the ECU RN/BSN program. I graduated 4 semesters later with my BSN and many new friends! I am so very grateful for the strength and encouragement I received from each of my instructors because online classes can be overwhelming. At the beginning of the program the instructor’s emphasized communication was an important key to success in the program. I decided to take their word and try them on it…and I never had any problems. Instructors were open and helpful whenever I had questions and encouraging when I had doubts. Before I went back to school I had feared I would never be able to go back to work because I had been out of the health care field for so long and had lost my self-assurance in my abilities as a nurse. Boy was I wrong! The ECU RN/BSN instructors gave me encouragement and the assurance that I would be able to return to nursing and that I should (and I will) go back to school to get a graduate degree. I will forever be grateful to the ECU CON and the RN/BSN faculty for their encouragement and guidance throughout the program and for their continued friendship after graduation!”

– Tracie Zeagler

The Master of Science program in Software Engineering at ECU is unique in that it is the only one offered in the state of North Carolina. What attracted me to the program is that it offered an entirely online option that integrates distance students with those enrolled in the program on-campus. This mixture of mainly, younger, full-time students with older, part-time students who are established in careers in the industry makes for an interesting dynamic. It allows for a great amount of diversity which is what students will witness or are currently experiencing in a software engineering or IT-related workplace. This program works well for me because it offers flexibility where I can choose from a variety of classes offered during both fall and spring semesters as well as the two summer sessions. Students have the opportunity to choose from three different concentration areas: Software Design and Development, Software Project Management and Quality Assurance, and Software Testing. The three distinct concentrations also add to the diversity and allow students to come together with differing career ambitions within the same discipline. The program offers both academic and professional growth and students have the opportunity to pursue a thesis or final project option to graduate. I would encourage any current or prospective employees in the software industry to strongly consider this program to continue their professional education and provide increasing opportunities in their career.

– Will Gunter

ECU’s Distance Education Program was a perfect match for me. Having two children and a part- time job, attending face to face classes would have been extremely difficult. I heard stories that Online learning is harder then traditional learning, but I would disagree. I was out of school for 15 years before I attempted a college education. I was never a “nerd” or even considered “intelligent”, but I was determined to be the first in my family to receive a college degree. The convenience of doing the work on my time, in the comfort of my home, allowed me to be with my family while achieving my goal. With the help of all of my professors and advisor I graduated Summa Cum Laude in May 2013. If I can do it with children, work, and family life, I believe anyone can do it.

– Kim Conklin

I highly endorse the ECU distance education program. It has had a tremendous positive impact on my professional career as a non-nursing graduate student from a different undergraduate degree. Without the program, I would not have been able to achieve my goals to become a RN or NNP. The program gave me the opportunity to attend a graduate program notorious for its high success rate, instilling in each student high expectations for individual, academic, and professional achievement. The distance education program gave me the flexibility I needed to fulfill my professional goals, while working to provide for my family. It challenged me to work hard, to be dedicated to challenge myself to learn with every opportunity, and to follow the direction of my predecessors and leaders within the program. It’s an amazing program that offers unlimited potential for current and future students. I am honored to be a graduate of such a great program.

– Ashley Vallery Clucas

“I chose East Carolina University in 2008 because I had options to get my Bachelors degree without disrupting my career. Since I began my degree I moved out of state. The faculty and staff at East Carolina University have always been helpful even though I am not a traditional student and on campus. I’ve never felt disconnected from campus or felt as if I was not part of the student population. I am an active member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society which also recognizes DE students for their academic achievements. I’m proud to be graduating a pirate in May 2014. Without East Carolina University’s DE program and helpful faculty and staff, my Bachelor’s degree would have not been possible.”

– Regina Whittemore

The DE offerings through ECU have enabled me to pursue, and nearly complete, my goal to earn my Bachelors degree. Since I work full-time, I was unable to participate in local face-to-face programs that were tailored to traditional students. By creating a completely online program, ECU has created an opportunity for me to learn and grow. The skills I’ve acquired have enhanced my job performance in ways that my employer has noticed. Most professors are very aware of the challenges that face non-traditional, DE students. While keeping the course standards high, they ensure that we have opportunities to complete the work required to meet the learning objectives. I’m attaching a photo of me receiving an Outstanding Senior Award from the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society. BGS welcomes DE students and I was delighted to be able to come to campus to be inducted and receive this award.

– Mark Perew

When I decided to return to school I was reluctant to take DE classes. I was worried I would be “alone” in the process. That is just not the case here at ECU, Faculty and Staff at ECU are dedicated to the success of DE learners. The DE community here at ECU is the BEST! Professors are available with dedicated office hours for DE students and are always approachable. ECU also offers a multitude of services for DE students, from Career Services to exam proctoring, to name a few. There is also a student organization for DE students called Distance Education Student Organization (DESO). ECU’s degree completion program changed my life. I’m proud to be a part of the Pirate Nation!

– Christopher Foote

I started college in Aug 1988. I wasn’t ready for college… after 3 years I left college and joined the Army. Then came marriage, 2 children and a wonderful career in computer programming. In 2005, I felt the desire to finish my degree. Not just for my sake but to prove to my children that education beyond high school is important. While working a full-time job and putting my family first… Thanks to the ECU DE program I was able to finish my Bachelor’s degree and am now almost through my Master’s program. Without the ECU DE program this dream would not have been possible – Thanks SO Much!

– Scott Britner