Optional Fees

Students pursuing approved online programs with a fully online course schedule, pay only fees that cover campus security, education and technology and Student Government. These fees do not include university fees, which allow you access to campus programs and services including the campus recreation centers, student tickets for athletic events, student concerts and programs, or the student health services fee which allows access to campus Student Health Services without an office visit charge and/or to make appointments at the Counseling Center.

Opting in to access these services

You can voluntarily pay the university fees and/or the student health services fee for access to these programs and services for the semester.

If you want to use these services this semester, send an email to OLAOAIBusiness@ecu.edu with:

  • your Banner ID
  • name
  • the optional DE fee (university fees, student health fee or both) you want added to your account

Once added, you can log into your student account and make payment.

Visit the Cashier’s Office website for current rates and explanation of fees (rates listed are for the full academic year).

Deadline: The request to add optional fees is due 5 business days prior to the start of each term (fall, spring and summer).

  • You must opt-in each semester you wish to access the above services.
  • Questions can be sent to OLAOAIBusiness@ecu.edu