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“When I found out that ECU provide distance education in my professional field, making the choice to finish my degree became a tangible dream. As an adult with a family, going to school is something that gets put to the back burner due to fact of attending night classes, traveling to campuses, and demanding schedule. ECU’s DE program was a great fit for me and my busy schedule. DE offers great flexibility and allows you to manage your time the way want. Granted the curriculum is the same as face to face, so you have to put in the hours to complete assignments, listen to lectures, and taking the required exams. ECU DE provides the flexibility you need to complete the assignments on time. The technology such as blackboard, mediasite, and saba meeting are great user friendly tools that facilitate in the learning at ECU. I would recommend ECU DE to adult learners. It is a great opportunity, and the degrees being offered continue to expand.”

– Shay Nuckols